Affordance is a private business run by Henrik Hörlin.

The core business consists of designing and manufacturing:

  • Physical prototypes and short series for evaluation purposes
  • Interior decoration and display objects

Secondary services includes giving consulting services regarding:

  • Assistance with optimization of products, services and spaces
  • Manufacturing processes and design engineering ranging from prototypes to industrial manufacture
  • Lectures and educational seminars about above

I encourage you to contact me regardless of reason, I am here for you, to help you succeed.

I am a self driven team player who thrives around innovation and progressive thinking, my passion is often expressed through building new concepts but also improving on existing ones. My work methodology varies alot depending on assignment but it comes down to either creating a new a process, product or service or augmenting one that already exists to become more encompassing and/or better.
My ego and preferences have nothing to do with the assignment, all my efforts have the goal to make sure that my clients get the best solution.
I prefer meeting face to face over digital correspondence but I’m pragmatic enough to choose most efficient medium depending on circumstances.

Situations that would benefit from my presence would be:

  • Research and feedback early in the design process of products or services
  • Manufacture of a physical prototype for evaluation
  • Consultation in manufacturing methods for physical products

Situations that would not benefit me would be:

  • Front end developer for digital GUIs
  • Design engineering mechanical parts for the automotive industry
  • Monotonous work days in front of a computer

I have extensive experience within::

  • Manufacturing in prototype workshops
  • CAD-design in large companies in a consultant role
  • Educating in interaction design
  • Additive manufacture with 3D-printers
  • Own business as interaction designer and studio engineer

I also have experience with game production, filming and editing video, concept art, photo manipulation, event planning and handyman, pyrotechnics, martial arts and more

More clients listed on pages closer in time. These are the buisness clients up to this year.

Parans Solar Collaboratory Image & form Twisted Feet Zoink Games Stadsbygnadskontoret Vetenskapsfestivalen Interactive Institute Kaustik SkyGoblin TEDx NTI-gymnasiet H&M Gothenburg Studios Semcon WHYNOT festival Etteplan 1337 Game design Steampunk Bar Tension The Sound Lab Zenuity
  • Display box for CES 2019

    Evan at CES 2019
    Box at CES 2019
    CES display 2019
    CES display 2019
    CES display 2019
    Laser cutting
    • Client: Zenuity
    • Date: October 2018


    In order to have a presence at CES 2019 Zenuity needed to have something to show and talk about but not show any secret equipment. I fabricated a cover in black plastic with some fancy lighting in it, designed to not showing any secrets but still being able to highlight what was important. Side plates was attached at CES to avoid problems with custums and easy access for final assembly of some equipment.

  • Wiring main computer cluster platform prototype

    • Client: Zenuity
    • Date: August 2018 - September 2018


    My experience with electrical wireing and general fabrication got me assigned to help out with the new computer cluster. Mostly creating harnesses and adding connectors, (crimping and soldering).

  • Graphical User Interface for Autonomous Demo vehicle

    Devtool display
    Replacement screen
    Alternative screen placement
    • Client: Zenuity
    • Date: March 2018 - July 2018


    When Autonomous drive vehicles are used they should look and feel finished/complete but when demonstrating them at various venues there should be more information available so that passengers and investors can get a better understanding of what the sensors can actually see and how the syste make decisions.
    For the first demo I did the coordination of in-house efforts to collate all aspects of what the system should do and how to show that in a meaningful way, including coordination between the back-end teams at Zenuity and the front-end team (Techno Creatives) and oversee that everybody got the information they needed. On top of that I was the in-house fabricator for the physical (replacement) screen where the GUI would be shown.
    The second assignment was to make a modular system for the test fleet cars at Zenuity, including 3D-scanning instrument panels and make a more generalized GUI. This assignment was paused before contract ran out and I was reasigned to fabrication of the new computer cluster platform.

  • CAD support for Semcon

    fuel cell prototype
    • Client: Semcon
    • Date: January 2018


    Dusted of some old Catia V5 skills and helped out with designing parts for a fuel cell prototype. No images avaialble since it is secret.